‘When You Have a Responsible Husband Your Skin Will Glow and You Will Shine’-Actor Afeez Eniola’s Wife Esther Kale eulogies Her Husband

sther Kale, a well-known Yoruba movie actress and the wife of Afeez Eniola, has resorted to Instagram to display her unretouched natural beauty.

She appealed to God in the description she posted after posting her brand-new photos, asking him to give her admirers more than they had asked for. The actress frequently flaunts her beauty on social media, and this time she did so while flaunting a stunning gown. When her followers viewed the post, they were unable to help but respond, and they did so by expressing their sentiments in various ways.

This time, she arrived wearing a stylish short and a lovely T-shirt ensemble. She made the decision to attend without applying makeup to her face. As she shot the photos in various poses, she was spotted wearing pyjamas and a cap on her head.

She prayed for her followers in her post and said, “Yet another blessing on another day. May God grant us more than we requested.”

According to the comments and responses on her post, it is evident that her fans are thrilled with her clothing because they positively responded to it. Others who also thought highly of her dress also positively responded to it.

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