“Broke Men Are Not Always In love They Just Manage You” Blessing CEO Advices Women On Relationship

Blessing CEO, who happens to be a well-known Nigerian relationship and mental expert, has used her new post on Instagram to reveal the mindset of broke men towards women in a relationship. She disclosed that broke men are not always in love; they only get into relationships with women because they have no other choice. She explains how to identify a man who really loves a woman and the sacrifices they make to be in the relationship.

According to her, a man who loves a woman is a man who had options for different choices but preferred to choose you instead. She went on to say that broke men only get into relationships with their women because they do not have limited choices, which means if they are spoiled for choices, they will choose somebody else.

In the statement in her caption, she said, “Broke men are not always in love; they just manage you because you are available. A man who loves you is that man who has the ability to make different choices but chooses you, not the one that doesn’t have choice.”

In conclusion, she directed her advice to women to be watchful of broken men as she advised them on how to know a man that truly loves them.

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