‘Some women are heartless’ – Adaora Ukoh, other celebrities react to news of 57 yr-old man who through DNA discovered all 5 kids are not his

Nigerian celebrities have reacted to the news of of 57 yr-old man who through DNA test just discovered that all 5 kids are not his.

The man man who has been married for 20 years recently discovered after DNA tests that his 5 children are not biologically his.

Henry Nwazuruahu Shield, a former Special Assistant to the Former FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed, took to Facebook to narrate the incident.

He wrote: “Man is 57 years old, did DNA test for all his 5 children and none of the children was his own. He was married for 20 years. They are telling him to ‘be a man’.”

The post has started a conversation about paternity fraud.  

Nollywood actress, Adaora Ukoh wrote: These DNA test results are they truly authentic? Because I don’t trust anything in this country.

Mr2kay wrote: Some women are just too heartless. Ahhh…1, 2, 3…4..reach 5! Kai.

Slim Brown wrote: If dem tell you the cost of DNA test you go calm down claim the children with faith and move on with your life. 

K Solo wrote: I sympathize with him. I would have felt for the woman if it was like two. Maybe her kids were swapped, but 5! That man should see them as his adopted children and keep fathering them. God will see us through.

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