“Big Boys Will Record You During S3x And Threaten You” Actress Lolade Advices Women On Who To Date

Nollywood actress, Lolade Okunsaya, has used her latest video on Instagram to advise women on who to date. She revealed the reasons why women should opt for trench boys rather than the so-called big boys of nowadays.

She disclosed that only the rich boys install cameras in their rooms, and they tend to do strange things with them whenever they are having a s€xual intercourse with women.

She disclosed that the big boys will install cameras in their rooms so as to record themselves while having s€x with women and will later come up with the video so as to threaten the lady to submit to them totally. She advised women against dating big boys and urged them to go for poor guys instead.

In her revelation, she revealed that the reason women should date poor guys is that they do not have the money to plan evil against women. She revealed that they don’t have the money to buy CCTV cameras in their rooms, while stating that only those who have money to eat can afford it.

The actress was in full flow in the video while giving the advice, which is an indication that she might actually be talking from experience

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