Nurse who injected Mohbad has reportedly been arrested!

In the wake of the devastating loss of Mohbad, the latest developments in the investigation surrounding his untimely death has left a lot of Netizens satisfied.

It has been revealed that the nurse who allegedly administered an injection to Mohbad before his tragic passing is now in custody. This revelation came to light through a video shared by Iyabo Ojo on her Instagram page. She has been consistently updating the public with information on the ongoing investigation.

The circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing have taken a dark turn, leaving many questions unanswered and raising suspicions about the events leading up to that fateful day.

News reported just yesterday that an eyewitness who was present at the hospital when Mohbad was brought in, had shared his side of the story.

According to this eyewitness, who a voice note, Mohbad was very much alive when he arrived at the hospital. This twist in the story is confusing to people who believed that he had never been to a hospital and had already passed away before reaching the medical facility.

The eyewitness described being in the hospital’s reception area when Mohbad, accompanied by his friends, entered the premises. He stated thag Mohbad had displayed remarkable humility when approached by the witness, who eagerly requested a photograph with the artist.

Mohbad had also agreed and posed for the picture before disappearing into one of the hospital rooms. It was in the hospital room that he had allegedly taken his last breath and died.

Just recently, comedian Femi Baab also recently shared a dream that has further fueled speculation about the circumstances leading to the tragic incident. In this dream, he stated that Mohbad had appeared to him, visibly distressed and in tears.

During this encounter, Mohbad allegedly had deep regret over something undisclosed. The late artist had wished that he had known how fame would change the people around him. In a secret message, Mohbad cautioned against revealing a building project he was working on, as it would result in an “abandoned project.”

The arrest of the nurse who administered the injection has raised some vital critical questions about the circumstances leading to Mohbad’s death. Was there foul play involved? Were there any lapses in medical care? These questions demand answers, and the ongoing investigation aims to uncover the truth.

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