“Do I need to fix your head and career at the same time” – Kogbagidi kicks out Portable for dragging Poco allegedly Steal his song

Show promoter Kogbagidi has reacted to the viral video in which emerging musician Portable accuses Poco Lee of allegedly stealing his song and paying him only $600 out of the $3,000 Wizkid gave him.

Kogbagidi, who seemed quite angry that such could come from an upcoming singer who is assumed to be calm as he climbs the ladder of fame, said that such unprofessional and unruly behaviour usually comes from upcomings as one can’t say exactly what goes on in their minds. He explained how shocked and embarrassed he was at the moment and then went on to ask him if he was going to fix both his career and also his head at the same time.

It all started from a recent show they had together and which they danced to, but because the other two are well known, it seemed to him that he was featured in the song while he’s the one that featured them so he decided to go that way of public call out.

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