Just In: Actor Damola Olatunji reportedly charged with public incitement and a*saulting police officers

Actor Damola Olatunji has allegedly been charged to court just hours after he was arrested by police officers attached to Area P, Agbesan in Lagos.

“Damola was arrested yesterday by police officers from Oke Odo. They assured us at their station that the matter he was involved in yesterday had been resolved. Only for them to transfer the case to Area P command and from there they charged him to court accusing him of public incitement and a*saulting police officers.

He didn’t commit the crime they’re accusing him of. They forced him to delete the IG live video he made at the scene of the incident. He wasn’t granted access to his lawyers and we’re now urging the appropriate authorities to wade into the matter as Damola is innocent and only confronted the erring police officers,” a source said.

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