‘You Vote For Looters, Few months later You’re Begging Celebrities For Giveaway’ – Peter Okoye Slams Nigerians

Popular singer, Peter Okoye has slammed Nigerians who allow politicians to loot money and then play entitlement on celebrities’ money.

In a series of tweets, Peter Okoye frowned at how some Nigerians hype and vote for looters because of little money which he described as ‘crumbs’.

He added that the same set of people beg celebrities for giveaways and feel entitled to such celebrity hard-earned money but forget to hold looters accountable.

He wrote: “You go and vote for Looters, hype them and collect crumbs. Few months later u will come here & look for any celebrity that will do Giveaway for u. if they don’t give u they are stingy, you feel so entitled bt forgot to hold those looters accountable. Ọkwá misplaced priorities!”

“Truth be told! We are in a country where by citizens allow politicians to loot money and play, entitlement on Celebrities and individuals hard earned money…. Una Dey meant”

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