“You Are Now An Adult Proper” Actor Van Vicker Tells His Beautiful Daughter As She Turns 18 (Photos)

Award-winning Ghanaian actor, Joseph Van Vicker is celebrating his first daughter, J’dyl at she clocks 18 today, Sunday, February 27, 2022.

The excited father of three took a step further by showing his spiritual side for his daughter’s sake.

Van Vicker via his Instagram page said a powerful prayer for J’dyl Vicker at 18.

He wrote, “18 years? Wow! Finally, you are an adult proper. I pray for a long life for you. Your dreams will see the light of day. Your prognostication, planning, and execution will be guided and on point. No grotesque thing shall be your portion. You shall continue to grow in fortitude, intrepidity, and resoluteness. Your moxie shall be augmented, and my God shall protect and lead you in all your efforts. Prosperity, love, and happiness shall you enjoy in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, J’dyl. I love you. Daddy.”

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