A mother knows exactly how to describe the character of her children because she would have spent enough time with them to know exactly who they are, the mother will know the strength, weakness and abilities of the child, even if the child doesn’t know yet and birthdays are usually the times parents shower exceptional praises on their children.

As Bimpe Akintunde’s daughter turned 5, she used very deep words to express her feelings concerning her daughter. She started by comparing her own sef with a Lion as she remembers the day of Moboluwaduro Ashabi’s birth, talking about how the mother will have to stay with her child till she’s grown into a powerful being.

She proceeded by calling Ashabi a person with a lion’s heart, Rhino’s skin and Angelic heart, those are very powerful words, how sweet! She then prayed for her, decreeing that her spirit will be prominent over her body and soul and that she will grow to change the world.

Sharing the post the Actress wrote;

Dear Daughter,As you turned five years old today, I remembered the moment you were born, snuggling you for hours in the first days of your life, bcos I already loved from the womb.Ever since your birth, you keep growing into who you are destined to be which gives so much joy. I see flashes of your personality which surprise me and lift me up.
As you clock 5years old today, i speak blessings into your life now and forever. And above all else, I want you to know I love you so deeply that I could not possibly express it all in words.
When you walk into a room and talk to someone new, you bring a smile to their faces, Your joy in life brings joy to others. And it pours out to every person you interact with on a daily basis.
You are compassionate. If someone is hurt, you want them to feel better. If someone is sad, you want them to feel happy. And if you don’t know what is wrong with someone, you want to find out. It is adorable and a beautiful picture of God’s love for human.So today, as we celebrate your fifth birthday with family and friends, I bless your spirit to be prominent and to lead over you body and soul. I bless you to bring forth growth which will change the world. And I pray God will give you all that you need and build you up to do great things.
With all the love a mother can provide, I love you my sweet girl…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORIDUNNU AJOKE

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