Yoruba Actress, Akinyanju Arike ‘Eyinjueledumare’ celebrate her birthday today (photos)

Yoruba Actress, Akinyanju Arike Kikelomo aka Eyinju Eledumare has taken to her official social media handle to celebrate herself.

Sharing a dazzling picture of herself the actress give thanks to God for everything he has done for her, In her words;

GOD, you gave me a life that day I was born, and I hope I will spend all my life and do as much as I can to show you my love and gratitude! Through all these years, GOD, I feel your love and care. I hope that today you look at me and feel my love. I have become wiser, and now I know that was a part of a miracle done by you, God. Bless me and let me live happily, feeling your love and care. GLORY to you, my LORD. Praise for all miracles you have shown in my life. On my birthday, I pray to you and ask you to forgive me all my sins.
GOD, you have granted me health and happiness. Help me achieve all my goals in life. I dedicate all my wins to you, my LORD.
Dear God, you have given me all I need: health, a sharp mind, and a happy family. Thank you GOD! All years I have asked you, GOD, to stay close to me, take care of me and never forget about me. Please GOD, protect me on all of life’s paths; please let me be successful in my love to you. Amen! As I celebrate my special day today, I pray that the creator of heaven and earth would bless me with all of the earth’s riches, allowing me to shine as brightly as the sun. I pray for long life and prosperity as I become a year older today. As I become a year older today, I pray for GOD’S mercy and grace in everything I do. As I start another year, send me helpers from above, dear LORD. Let me enjoy your love in my life all around. Amen. I pray that this new year shall be the best year of my life and the ones following better, in Jesus’ name. Amen. As I grow older, I pray for incomparable wisdom in all that I set my heart to do. Amen.

See her photos below;

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