‘Yes! I’m a very jealous lover’ – Biodun Okeowo gives update on her relationship

Biodun Okeowo, better known as Omoborty in Nollywood, has made it clear where she stands on matters of the heart. In a recent interview, the single mother of two exposed her tender side while discussing how she deals with cheating relationships.

Cheating is a very painful thing, especially for me a very jealous person. But if I find my partner cheating, I’ll still forgive. Nobody is perfect. Everyone is a sinner, although we sin differently and we all ask God for forgiveness. I might not bring the matter to social media because I don’t like bringing personal issues on the internet but never say never. Our emotions could betray us at times even to our surprise, then we react differently to emotional issues, she said.

The once upon a movie star also officially announced that she is done with Nollywood and ready to fully face her business and brand influencing deals.

Biodun Okeowo said: “The Year 2021 is almost over, I think my greatest achievement is being alive. The year has also taught me some lessons. It taught me to cherish life and be grateful for God’s blessing. Looking back from January till now I would say that I am very fulfilled with how far I have come. Glory be to God. I have also taken a break from movies. I make more money influencing for brands and from my business, compared to what I make from movies.”

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