Why many young men are scared of marriage –Ijebu Revealed

Actor, Olatayo Amokade, aka Ijebu, is of the view that many young men in the country are scared of getting married because of the harsh economic climate in the country.

He told   “Young men have learnt from the mistakes of their parents, most of whom got married at young ages and later found it hard to cater for their families. Of course, these young men also want to have kids and enjoy marriage.

But, going into marriage without money could be problematic.

Many times, a man gets disrespected because he cannot afford to cater for the needs of his wife and kids. Many wives nag at their husbands who are poor.

Hence, the best thing for every man is to make sure they are financially stable before getting married or having kids.

Even the cost of organising a wedding is expensive, and most of the money comes from the man.

Yet, he would still need to get a home for the family.

The financial burden on married men is immense, and that is why many young men are being careful about getting married. Most times, when a man is dependent on his wife financially, the woman usually end up shaming the him with it when things go sour.”

Speaking on his current projects, the Ogun State-born actor stated that he is working on releasing the sequel to his movie, The Return of Jugunu.

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