Why I don’t lie to women -Nigerian Actor, Rotimi Salami Spills

Popular Nigerian actor, Rotimi Salami, has revealed why he does not lie to women or deceive them. In a recent interview with Punch News, the thespian also spoke concerning the troll who recently “mocked” his wife.

Rotimi said, “The only thing I am enjoying is grace.” In my line of work, the moment women like what one does, that means one is doing something right.

It is commonly stated that women have the ability to both push one up and push one down. Even before I started acting, my mother constantly advised me that if I did not intend to eat something, I should not even smell it.

My mother always warned me against lying to women. When it comes to dealing with female fans, that is one of the things that has kept me going. I will do my best to welcome you (female fan), but if I notice that you’re going to bother me, I’ll let you know right away. Of course, I cannot embrace everyone, but it is something I wish I could do. ” 

Reacting to the recent attack on his wife online, Rotimi said, “My suggestion to our fans is that they should read that unpleasant comment or even advice at least three or five times before posting it online.

He continued, “I feel people are mentally, psychologically, and even physically affected by a lot of things.” Everybody wants attention at one point or the other. If anybody really claims to love me and my brand, they will protect everything that has to do with me. ” Many things, I believe, have an impact on people’s emotional, psychological, and even physical well-being. At some point in their lives, everyone craves attention. If someone truly loves me and my brand, they will defend anything associated with me.

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