What Attracted Me To Emmanuella Aderopo – King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal Reveals

Fuji maestro, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, known popularly as Kwam 1 (k1) has revealed the features he observed in her newly married wife and how he fell in love with her over a decade long friend.

Speaking about what made him fall in love with his new wife, Alhaja Balikis, Ayinde Waisu Marshal said that, the way Balikis positioned herself, her composure, are of the things that attracted the fair complexion woman to him.

Wasiu added that they’ve been friends for over thirteen years before taking their friendship to the next level.

In the singer’s words, “It is good for a woman to put herself together (composure), if you put yourself together, you will be more valuable to people watching you from afar.

Because she was able to put herself together, she’s been a fantastic woman, she’s been my friend for over thirteen to fourteen years before we started anything called a relationship, or before the opportunity to get intimate surfaces.

Like the saying goes ‘akosile Olorun ni’ (we are predestined to be together), so when the opportunity comes, we just fix in.”

K1 also said that he will always remain who he is, even as he clocks 65.

K1 stated this during an interview conducted during his 65th birthday party organized by his new wife, Alhaja Balikis. The ‘Maiyegun of Yorubaland’ was asked what he wouldn’t want to do again as he attained the age of sixty-five.

Reacting to the question, Kwam1 said, “I’ve not been doing anything wrong, I don’t want to judge myself nor give anyone the opportunity to judge me.

Though, some people will like what I’m doing while some others wouldn’t.

In spite of that, I still meet with those who don’t like what I’m doing. But above all, it is the inner peace you ascribe to yourself that will keep you going, either with the people who like you or those who do not.”

The ace fuji musician added that he always warns his children against securing a bad name or being involved in any activities that will bring disrepute to his name and the goodwill he has built over the years.

In his words, “Regarding my children, I use to tell them, I don’t have this opportunity they have.

When I look back through my journey, my father died while I was in my first year in secondary school, so, if I’m able to go through life without stealing despite not having my father’s guidance, I usually challenge my children to make the right choices that won’t mar the name I have built over the years.

I also usually tell my kids, that ‘the life is yours, there’s little I can do, which is bringing you into this world, but don’t go out and bring me a name I didn’t create for myself.”

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