The fantastic Yoruba actor Yemi Solade celebrates his birthday today. This actor took to his social media platform to celebrate his birthday.

In celebration of his birthday, Yemi Solade wrote;

Another 365 days rolled by. It’s a birthday in a Covid19 infested universe. God reigns supreme.

For He keeps me tarrying on and strutting according to His Whims and Caprices.

I give my all to Him, I owe Him a Zillion thank you.

I am not His servant, I am His son in whom He is encouraging.

Watch the video below;

This Yoruba actor Yemi Solade is talented, creative and highly intelligent. Yemi Solade’s full name is Olayemi Olufela Solade.

He is a Great Ife Alumnu, lifetime achievement award winning actor and a global president. Yemi Solade is no doubt one of the best actors we have in the entertainment industry. Yemi Solade has featured in several award winning Yoruba movies.

He is a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Yemi Solade can interpret any movie script without making a mistake. He is a versatile actor who is so good at what he does. Yemi Solade is no doubt a successful actor.

So happy birthday to this wonderful veteran actor Yemi Solade.

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