UNN Professor caught pants down in his office with a female student (Video)

University of Nigerian Nsukka better known as UNN is one of the trending conversations on X formerly called Twitter as a professor was caught pants down in his office.

In the video that has gone viral online, the UNN lecturer was seen in his boxers sexually harassing a female student.

This video makes the rounds following another video of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) lecturer forcing himself on a female student inside his office that hits the internet today, April 22nd 2024.

Clearly, sexual harassment by University lecturers on the female students has been on the rise among Universities in Nigeria over the years and many have called on the National Universities Commission (NUC) to look vividly into it.

In the case of the UNN, the professor of GS was seen in the office pants down harassing a female student who is married.

According to people around when the UNN lecturer was caught, they said that the professor had been engaging in it for a long time till he was caught red-handed in his office.

The professor was seen expressing regret after being caught as he was seen in distress state as he never believed he would be caught.

Watch the video below;

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