Toyin Abraham Announce Leaving Facebook in Amidst of Lizzy Anjorin and Esabod’s Saga

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has stated that in the light of the recent happenings on Facebook, it is best for her to leave Facebook for a period of time to guard her mental health.

Although Toyin Abraham didn’t mention the exact issues that are going on social media that want to make her leave Facebook for the main time.

However, her announcement came in during actress Lizzy Anjorin’s and Esabod’s saga, and sometimes the duo used to mention her name while lambasting each other.

Making the announcement, she prays that every storm is calmed and that peace is returned to the hearts of all.

In her word, she wrote:

Good Morning Everyone.

I would like to thank all my fans and supporters for your unwavering love and unending support to my brand all of these years. I am who i am today because you have all believed in me. This i do not take for granted.
I have always been an embodiment of love, i have shown love to all and sundry.

I would like to appeal to everyone, please do not get into any misunderstanding , confrontation or combat with any persons using my name. All i have to give is love..i have no enemy, i show love in return to all those who show me love. I do not have hate in my heart.

In light of the recent happenings on Facebook, i have thought it best to leave Facebook for a period of time. This is to guard my mental health. I can be reached for business matters only using details across my social media handles. I crave your understanding as i take this step.

It is my prayer that every storm is calmed, and that peace is returned to the hearts of all.
I will see you all again soon. Till then, keep hope alive.
NB: To clarify, i do not have any affiliation with any blogger or any facebook speaker and would never ask anyone to defend me or do otherwise.
Yours Truly
Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi.

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