Today Is My Due Date Of Delivery, But No Signs Of My Baby – Korra Obidi

Pregnant dancer, Korra Obidi has revealed to her fans that her baby is supposed to arrive today, but there are no signs of her yet.

Taking to her Instagram page, the controversial dancer stated that her baby is still taking her time inside her belly.

She wrote,

“Today is my due date, no signs of Athena Dean. She is taking her sweet time, and that is okay. Come and see us whenever you are ready, queen. We waited this long, we can wait a few more days”.

Reacting to this, many persons have commented encouraging words to pray for a smooth and safe delivery for her and also show anticipation to hear the news of her new bundle of joy.

Some also encouraged her not to be worried by the baby’s delay and that it happens as a normal thing to some pregnancies.

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