This is not Nollywood – Nigerians advise Yul Edochie to forget his Presidential dreams

Nigerians have continued to urge Nollywood actor Yul Edochie to kindly step aside from the Presidential race and focus on what he is best known for; acting.

The controversial actor who was in the news lately for marrying a second wife has via his verified Instagram page continued to canvass for votes as well as funds donations so that he can pick his presidential form.

Sharing his political poster on his Instagram page, Yul Edochie wrote: “GOD IS PREPARING ME FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL SEAT OF OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA. .In the last couple of days I have been insulted by people all over the world who do not know the reasons for my decision.I have been attacked by people who do not understand that every action taken has a root cause, people who do not live with me and my family therefore they will not know what inspired my action..Have I insulted any of the people insulting me? No.Have I attacked any of them? No.I have remained calm..That’s the quality of a leader!!!.God is putting me through all of this to prepare me for the Presidential seat of Nigeria..As President I will make good decisions that may not favour certain people, I will provoke the corrupt ones, they will insult me, they will spread negative news about me.And in the face of it all I will stand firm and unshakeable, I will never react in anger nor attack anyone unjustly.I will remain focused on the task of rebuilding our country..Dear Nigerians, I am that leader we have all been yearning for!!!Stand with me and together we will be victorious, come 2023.It is possible..Be a part of this historic movement..Our campaign account is ready.Please support.Please donate.ACCESS (DIAMOND) 009******
Our Gofundme account will be ready soon.”

However, on the comment section of the post , Nigerians asked him to face Nollywood and leave politics alone.

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