There are indeed some kids that deserve some accolades, not because they are only bright academically, but because of their ability to show empathy and and great sense of humor. Have you ever seen a kid that can be so remorseful when they offend someone to the extent that the person they offended have no option but to forgive them? This young boy, Oreofeoluwa is one Nigerian kid that will definitely go places in life due to his ability to relate with people and even at his young age, he has this great interpersonal communication with others.

This little boy trended months ago when a video of him begging his mother for forgiveness went so viral. The mother said she was going to punish him, but this young boy pleaded for a second chance and he is famously known as ‘Mummy calm down’ boy after he was smartly forgiven by his mother without being punished.

There is no doubt that he will definitely go places as he has gotten recognition from notable people, the likes of the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu who made him a millionaire. He has even landed a movie role and has made a lot of Nigerians to love him.

Today, he turns 5 and ever since he was recognized, he has changed physically. Oreofeoluwa is gradually becoming a great man and at 5, he is a super kid already.

See How Handsome Oreofeoluwa Looks Now

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