Statue of Virgin Mary ‘cries blood’ in Lagos – Catholic Priest Reveals [photos]

A Catholic priest identified as Fada mentor, on social media has claimed that a Virgin Mary statue cried blood at St Joseph’s Catholic Parish, Agodo Egbe, Lagos state.

The priest who took to his Facebook page to share the story, stated that it happened at  Agodo Egbe, Catholic Parish.

He wrote:

I heard this happened today at St Joseph’s Catholic Parish Agodo Egbe, Lagos. The Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary shedding blood.
😭 😭 😭

After coming under fire by some of the public who refused to believe the story, the priest launched another explanation and cited examples where miracles were verified.

The priest urged social media followers to question events but to do it respectfully.

He wrote:

Dear friends, the Catholic Church does not drink hook, line and sinker any news that bears mysterious attributes like the weeping statue.
The Catholic Church is ALWAYS CAREFUL with whatever is reported by the people in the name of apparitions.
I have seen a lot of comments here questioning the post I made last night and that’s exactly what the Church does…She questions and Investigates
STRICTLY in order to present what is REAL.
Yes, it has to do with Faith but history has shown us that people can actually manipulate the crowd into believing what is not true.
Authorities of the Catholic Church have been very careful and meticulous in their approach and treatment of weeping statues, and generally set very high barriers for their acceptance.
For example when the statue of the popular Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina in Messina, Sicily, was found to have tears of blood one day in 2002, Church officials quickly ordered tests that showed the blood belonged to a woman and then dismissed the case as a hoax.
Skeptics point to the fact that making a fake weeping statue is relatively easy and we agree.
Another likely explanation attributes the so-called tears to condensation. The tears that statues appear to weep are actually beads of condensation accounted for by the statue being made from material of varying density, with condensation forming on the denser (colder) pieces (in this case the eyes).
In 1995, a Madonna statue appeared to weep blood in the town of Civitavecchia in Italy. About 60 witnesses testified to witnessing the
phenomenon.The local bishop said that he himself had seen it weep. The blood on the statue was later found to be male. The statue’s owner, Fabio Gregori, refused to take a DNA test.
After the Civitavecchia case, dozens of reputedly miraculous statues were reported. Almost all were shown to be hoaxes, where blood, red paint, or water was splashed on the faces of the statues.
In 2008, church custodian Vincenzo Di Costanzo went on trial in northern Italy for faking blood on a statue of the Virgin Mary when his own DNA was matched to the blood.
In 2018, at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, a Mary statue was reported to be producing tears.
In July of that same year, the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces revealed that tests confirmed the tears in fact had the chemical composition of rose scented olive oil.
The above cases are examples of incidents where the Catholic Church went in STRICTLY to
INVESTIGATE and discovered the TRUTH.
I gave only few of the examples from Europe and America just to put aright all those commenting under my post that these things ONLY happen in Africa or Nigeria.
Just to let you know that they also happen in Obodo ndi Ocha(White man’s land).
This is just to tell you that the Catholic Church doesn’t appear vulnerable or gullible as some of you folks think.
The Church deploys her BEST SCIENTISTS into the field to make sure that the TRUTH IS REVEALED at last.
In that post, I blocked over 100 people because of their disrespectful and hateful reactions and comments.
It is good to question what others see as realities but learn to do it respectfully.
God bless you all

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