“So You Mean I Should Put On Agbada To Swim? Actress Laide Bakare Hits Back At Social Media Trolls

One of the most sought-after Yoruba movie actresses has hit back at Instagram trolls who had a dig at her for revealing some parts of her body while bathing in the rain with her children. Some social media users took to her page to criticize her for revealing her body while she was having a good time playing with her children inside in the rain.

This is not the first time trolls will be criticising celebrities for their way of dressing on social media and it is interesting to see the way she has reacted to the troll while backing up her self-defence with a picture of another actress who wore a similar outfit to the gym. She took to Instagram to share a picture of the way she dressed up while playing with her children, as she also shared a picture of another actress who wore a similar outfit to the gym.

Her long caption was full of emotions as she used it to explain her decision while also asking her critics if she was supposed to wear a native Yoruba dress called Agbada to swim instead of what she wore. She wrote, “My beautiful big sister is here at the gym this morning, so you mean I should put on Agbada to swim and bath inside the rain?” This statement comes after some trolls had a dig at her on Instagram.

The actress has done well to defend herself with a picture of another actress wearing a similar outfit at the gym, as it will remind her critics that she is not the only one wearing such outfit.

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