“So you know my house – veteran actor, Pa Samson Eluwole aka Baba Jinadu exclaims as Kunle Afod visits him [VIDEO]

Kunle Afod paid a courtesy visit to Pa Samson Eluwole, popularly known as Baba Jinadu.

Popular film actor, Kunle Afod has paid a visit to his senior colleague, Pa SamsonEluwole, better known as Baba Jinadu in Nollywood

Kunle Afod who taken it upon himself to visit many veterans has visited veteran actor Baba Jinadu in his home.

The actor who didn’t state the reason for his visit has had many guessing if it’s a courtesy call, or for a movie role.

Baba Jinadu was happy to see Kunle Afod, and wished him a happy new year.

Kunle Afod who shared the video on his Instagram page could be seen walking into the veteran actor’s house.

Dressed in a native outfit, a blue up and down and a black face cap, Kunle Afod entered the house and met Baba Jinadu outside the company with a close colleague.

Baba Jinadu had surprise written all over his face the minute Afod entered and he exclaimed: Oko lawa meaning na village we dey.

Afod in response prostrated and greeted them, while he spoke with the veteran.

Many flooded the actor’s Instagram page to hail him for remembering the veteran actor, who they called a legend. See Kunle’s post below:

He wrote: It’s was an amazing time with pa Samson Eluwole (baba Jinadu) am so happy seeing him strong and healthy

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