‘Show off your success’- Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says as he dances and sings Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ at UNWTO conference

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, today November 15, thrilled guests at the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) global conference in Iganmu, Lagos State, today November 15, when he sang and danced to Kizz Daniel’s 2022 hit, ‘Buga.’

Osinbajo, who represented President Buhari at the event, spoke on the theme, ‘Linking Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries: Pathways to Recovery and Improving Development’. He noted that cultural genres, including arts, music, crafts, dances, and cultural festivals cut across culture and language.

“Music, for example, as we all know, is a global language. Even though people don’t know the meaning of the words of a song, they enjoy the rhythm, and some find out the meaning of lyrics discovering the cultures and ideas that inspire them.

But let me just test that theory of mine, that is, that you don’t need to understand the words of any song to enjoy it and to be able to sing it, and that music is indeed a very global language. How many people know this song?”

Osinbajo then started singing ‘Buga,’which drew cheers from the audience. The vice president added, “You know that your ‘buga’ has to be a real ‘buga’.”

“The phrase ‘buga won’ is a Yoruba expression. It means ‘flaunt your hard-won success, take the fruit of your work. Take the opportunity, show off your successes.’ Don’t sit down there thinking ‘my success is too small.’ Feel it, show it off.

Many people all over the world are squaring up their shoulders and saying, ‘It doesn’t matter how hard it seems or looks, I must show off my own success, no matter how little it may seem to others. It may seem to you that it’s small but I’m just going to buga won anyway’” Osinbajo said

Watch a video of him singing and dancing to the hit song below…

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