“She is a good person” Bose Alao appeals to Yetunde Bakare as Habibat Jinad reopens old beef

Nollywood actress Bose Alao has appealed to Yetunde Bakare over her fight with Habibat Jinad.

Nollynaijanews reported that Habibat had infuriated Yetunde by reopening their 4years old beef and calling her out for it.

Weighing into it, Bose appealed to Yetunde to reach out to Habibat privately.

Speaking highly of Habibat, she noted how the actress is a peaceful person.

For Bose, she believes someone must have lied against Yetunde to Habibat, hence, the call out.

“Habibat is a peaceful person, pls reach out and let her express herself, someone might have sold woniwonpe to her, @omojinad reach out to YB. A ni ka da si ni o. Monday tonic awa snr colleague ni ka da si ni”.

Funke Etti, had also appealed to Yetunde to take things easy.

Playing intermediaries between the two, she urged both of them to sort things out privately.

“Calm down darling, both of u sort it out”.

While Funke Etti and Bose Alao tried playing intermediaries between the two, Biodun fueled things as she pitched tent with Jinad.

Biodun Okeowo pitches tent with Habibat Jinad

Popularly known as Omoborty, Biodun recounted her bitter experience in the hands of her colleagues.

She recounted how they did the same thing to her and fought for her name to be removed from visits to high places.

According to her, these bitter colleagues felt intimidated by her presence.

“Smiles…. This revolves my dear. My set did same to me that year and still doing till now. They will even fight that my name be removed from visits to high places, because they feel intimidated.

Yet I rise and still rising.

Habibat your own helper will definitely not pass you by. Believe in God and remain hour decent self. It’s only God that connects and never disconnects. Even if they are the one who connects you…trust me they will spoil the place for you once they see you rising beyond their expectations. So stay with God”

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