“Sexual purity is beyond being a virgin” Olayode Juliana tells critics of her sexual struggle

Actress Olayode Juliana has revealed that her phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since she revealed her sexual struggle.

Nollynaijanews recalls that the former Jenifa Diary’s cast had previously lamented over how she has been finding it difficult to abstain from sex.

Juliana revealed that she has been going through a lot sexually and has been fighting with her body. She lamented over how difficult it is to abstain from sex.

To her fans, who think she doesn’t go through sexual struggle, she made them know that she goes through worse.

“Your dearest sister has been going through a lot, and my body has been doing gish gish gish, fighting against me and it’s almost as if I don’t know my body again.

It’s getting more difficult to abstain from sex. Oh My God, I don’t know, everything in my head is screaming sex sex sex, and am like what?? The same pressure you go through, I go through, probably even worse”.

Now defending her stance on Instagram moments ago, the actress maintained that “sexual purity is beyond virginity and vowed to never stop talking about it”.

She further appealed that people should stop buzzing her phone.

She wrote in parts: “All of a sudden feel like everyone has my number.Haven’t heard from certain people on my contact in years, but now that bloggers have done what they know how to do best, everyone is buzzing me. I really appreciate those who reach out just to check if I am okay, and to encourage me but don’t understand those who just send me links from blogs… like what am suppose to do with that?

“Don’t come to my DM asking questions if you haven’t gone on my page to see the video posted and read my caption, more importantly watch the full video on my YouTube channel. I’m just going to ignore I said what I said, and I have no regrets, also lI’m not sad, never been happier in my entire life.”

Just because you can’t do it or you don’t do it or you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean that theren’t people who live by it. I don’t even understand why people are angry. Coming out to share my struggles doesn’t make me less of a Christian/ a child of God. I know it’s not a common thing to do in this kingdom, people would rather pretend than speak up.

My desire is to genuinely please God everyday of my life. I pray he helps me”

“Sexual purity is beyond virginity! A sexually pure world is a world without rape, no pedophilia, o sexual abuse of any form, and no infidelity in marriage, it’s bigger than virginity. I can NEVER stop talking about it even if the world tries to shut me down! In fact, people’s reaction to the video has made me renew my purity vows to God. ” Juliana Olayode wrote.

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