9 things you might not know about the late yoruba Actress Folake Orisabunmi
1) She was born on October 10, 1960 in Ola, Kwara State, Her maiden name was Fulake Aram but she was known to many as Oshabunmi.

2) Mother goddess, or white witch is the name that many also call her because of her roles in theater and cinema.

3) She attended primary and secondary school in Eruku, Ekiti Local Government Area of ​​Kwara State.

4)One of the eldest wives of actor, Jimoh Aliu, who passed away in 2020 is Orisabunmi. However, both had divorced before their deaths.

5) Since the 1980s Orisabunmi has been a, popular figure in the role of Birthday Singers.

6) Her husband, Jimoh Aliu, discovered her as an actor, while working as a teacher in Kwara State.

7) Aliu ‘Aworo’ starred her in the lead role, and ‘Auni Ma’ was the star of the show, but Orisabunmi’s role in the Arelu game dates back to about 1980, become popular.

Of course, the late Jimoh Aliu did not act movie, but reports say that he did not know how to mourn the loss. The reason is that the thorny family was born; His mother was a member of God.

8) For forty-two years Orisabunmi have was featuring in movies before her death, She produced movies like Lantern Lantern, City Hall, and Who You Are.

9) In addition to teaching, Orisabunmi also works as a writer at Sunny Radio in Kwara State.

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