Reactions As Popular Actor, Ibrahim Chatta Shows Off His New Foal

Ibrahim Chatta is among the most hard working actors in Nollywood and he knows how to stir up reactions from his fans whenever he shares new photos of himself on social media.

Ibrahim Chatta took to his official instagram page to show netizens his new baby horse.

The dark-skinned actor who is widely popular for his astonishing physique and trend-setting fashion sense, captioned the photos saying; “now we have a foal”.

Ibrahim Chatta wore a sun glasses and a multicoloured t-shirt which looks good on his crazy jean. The talented actor held the baby horse and he took a photo looking at the camera.

The reason why Ibrahim Chatta’s horse gave birth to one foal is because, most horses give birth to only one foal at a time, though occasionally they have two.

This photos has generated an aura of happiness among Ibrahim Chatta’s fans and they’ve taken to the remark area underneath the post to congratulate him.

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