Reactions As Actress Rita Dominic Hilariously Wonders Where She Was When Height Was Being Shared

In the past, not much significance was given to ladies who weren’t tall. It was (and still is) okay for females to lack height as it is seen mostly among the models.

However, in a recent post shared on Twitter, Rita Dominic got a lot of reactions from her followers. The popular Nollywood actress wondered where she was when height was being shared.

Of course, such a tweet was always going to get people talking. While some noted Rita Dominic isn’t tall, they encouraged her as they pointed at her great beauty and curves.

Others let the thespian know that height wasn’t so relevant as she made up in other areas of her life. She tweeted:

“Sometimes I wonder where I was when height was being shared.. 🙄😂😅”

see the post below;

Reactions below.

@DamocheSalty: “@ritaUdominic You were in the village then..Village people held your height..Kindly reach out to them..🤣🤣🤣”.

@kpride4eternity: “@ritaUdominic 😃😆😆😆Would you like to buy cos you can afford it now 😂 😂 😂”.

@philips_Nonny: “@ritaUdominic Mama how tall are your parents?”

@Nwomay1: “@ritaUdominic Your height is wonderful. Are you not far more prosperous than those that are taller than you? So, relax and enjoy your life.”

@Chuksypablo: “You are still very awesome the way you are”.

@habbey01: “@ritaUdominic U were busy packing beauty,sis abeg u dey okay like dis.”

@jane10384182: “@ritaUdominic But you get beauty in excesses na 🤣🤣so let others get height 🙏💕”.

@Olayubra: “@ritaUdominic Yet ur height bring the beauty out of you. Stay Bless sis 🥂”.

@isaackwesiobeng: “@ritaUdominic But your height is perfect as a lady dear”.

@faith_dako: “Even though.,even though you are still very pretty 😍”.

@Patrick60788692: “You go buy material for beauty for heaven gate 😍❤️
You are beautiful”.

@Its_succex: “@ritaUdominic You were busy packing fine face with big waist. lol”

@AniezueNonso: “@ritaUdominic You were there, you kept yours in your DNA🧬 hidden trait”.

@klaysign: “@ritaUdominic You know you are the cutest babe alive right?
Your height is just perfect for you and sometimes I wonder where you were before I got married. 😍😍😍

So please stay comfortable and confident in how you were created to be ok? You are God’s Designer’s Original.”

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