Prostitute beat to death for keeping Quran in room

A prostitute, Hannah Saliu, beating to death and set her corpse ablaze for keeping the Holy Quran in her room at the Alaba Rago area of Lagos State

Three suspects have been charged in court.

According to PUNCH, a source identified the suspects as Abubakar Musa, Sarauta Monsur, and Surajo Yusuf.

One of the suspects was said to have patronised Saliu and after having sex with her, he reportedly paid her N1,000 for the service and left her room.

The deceased suddenly discovered that her N5,000 had gone missing and reportedly ran after the customer and accused him of stealing her money.

The accusation, however, degenerated into an argument.

The customer was said to have mobilised his friends to Saliu’s room to search for the missing money.

While searching the place, the friends reportedly found a Quran underneath her pillow.

The aforementioned publication reported that a source said Saliu was questioned for possessing the Quran with the kind of job she was doing, adding that the customer and his friends, who became infuriated by the discovery, pounced on her, beat her up and set her ablaze.

The source said, “What happened was that the girl was a prostitute and a customer patronised her and after sleeping with her, the customer paid N1,000 for her service.

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