“Praying for your brand in mecca even trophy beer?,U better repent before is too late “- Reactions as Femi Adebayo prays for brands he represents

Nigerian actor, Femi Adebayo has sparked reactions on social media after he posted a video of himself praying for the brands her represents at the holy site of Mecca.

Femi Adebayo shares a video of himself praying for his brand with the caption, “To my fans, my ably-represented brands and specially to #uniquemotors the Number 1 auto dealer in Africa.  May Allah grant the outpour of my heart to you all, as sincerely offered in the Holy Land  #ramadan #uniquemotors #brands #friends #fans #ramadanoffer”

This post did not go down well with some of his fans and followers who believed it was inappropriate for a Muslim wh to promote an alcoholic to go to the holy site to pray for his brand.

Many expressed their disappointment in the actor’s actions and called him out for promoting something that is forbidden in Islam.

One fan wrote, ” BaarakAllahu feek, dis is awesome, just come back and terminate the contract with trophy. U wld b a better person”

Another one wrote, ” Please come back and terminate your contract with Trophy beer company. Allah has been kind to you.May Allah continue his Mercy on us all…”

Another one wrote, “Hop u don’t pray for trophy beer  because Allah will neglect you and your prayer …if u included them u just wast your time and ur money U better repent before is too late…”

Another user wrote, ” Praying for your brand in mecca even trophy.”

Another fan wrote, ” What about your honourable trophy? Don’t forget to mention their company too”

Another one wrote, ” When he returns he continues with Trophy larger beer.”

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