Portable for President: Reactions As Singer Visits the Trenches After Returning From Abroad, Sprays Money (Watch Video)

Nigerian controversial singer Portable has returned to Nigeria after spending weeks outside the country from London, to Istanbul and Dubai.

Following his return to the country, Portable went back to the trenches, where he was seen spraying money from a car roof.

The singer’s action has stirred reactions from fans and followers who have taken to social media to hail him as some referred to him as the King of the trenches.

Nigerian controversial singer Portable is finally back in the country, having spent weeks abroad where he made some foreign currencies which he showed off online.

Upon his return to the country, Portable has stirred reactions as he took to the trenches to show love to his fans.

In a video that has gone viral, the singer could be seen on the roof of a car as he threw wads of naira into the air to fans’ excitement, who rushed to pick it up.

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