Jumoke Odetola is a popular Yoruba actress who has featured in hundreds of movies. In a recent interview with journalist Adeoye Adewunmi for Legit.ng, she refuted the claims that actresses sell their bodies to be able to afford their lavish lifestyles.

She said:

“That is not true. A lot of times, people just sit and sum up things. Have they seen those people? Did they catch them? Did they admit to it? Anybody can just sit down and say something. We have to start talking with facts. If you have the fact, it is fine then. “At times, you don’t want to explain the businesses that fetch you money to people. I am talking about real businesses, not personal affairs. That might be your trade secret. So, most times when people don’t understand how you make your money, they can just make up assumptions.”

According to the film star, if she had not been the last child of her parents, she may not have been able to fulfil her dreams of being an actress.

“If I were not the last born, probably I would not have been able to do this because my parents were very strict. For a long time, I did hide and seek with this job. I did not let my dad know. He loved me so much. In fact, I was the closest person to him. Because of this, I did not want to break his heart by letting him know that I had a flair for anything that has to do with entertainment as he was a core professional man with the belief that his children should go into core professional fields like engineering.”

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