“People Call Me A Witch Because I Don’t Have Hairs”, Says Tolulope Jasmine Suffering From Alopecia (Photos)

In life, there will always be people who don’t feel sorry or help those who are in pains to feel happy, rather they derive so much pleasure from mocking and making sure people with disability who are not confident enough stay indoors where no one can see them.

Beautiful Tolulope Jasmine shared her story with BBC pidgin today, according to her she is a victim of Alopecia (a sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap).

Jasmine how people see her as a witch and obanje just because she has no hairs. She said she hates it so much when people make her sad or cry, that’s why she prefer to lock up herself in her room, cry till she sees reasons to be happy, then wipe her tears and continue with her life.

Jasmine also described how she lost the man she was supposed to marry just because her mother and sisters didn’t want their brother to end up with a lady without hairs, no matter how beautiful she was. According to her, the marriage introduction was called off few weeks to the agreed date.

Beautiful jasmine is a creative artist, a textile designer precisely. She started to loose her hair 15 years ago when she was still in the university. She said she hates to out on wig because it makes her feel uncomfortable, and the only reason she manages to do that when she’s going out is to avoid mockery and embarrassment.

Jasmine because of how she felt, reached out to other Alopecia victims,she created a foundation that will help make the strong and help themselves.

“Anytime I look into my mirror, I tell myself I am beautiful, bold and nobody else, with or without hair, I am still strong”, she added.

SOURCE: BBC pidgin

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