“My childhood dream is to marry a white man”, Funmi Awelewa spills on meeting Ronaldo

Nollywood actress, Funmi Awelewa has shared an interesting story of her life.

The Nollywood beauty recounted how she always prayed to marry a white man, as a foreign husband was her choice.

She stated that she can never forget when she gained admission into secondary school and how she was always on the look out for white men in Yoruba movies.

Funmi Awelewa revealed how she fell in love with World greatest footballer Cristiano Ronaldo after she saw him Olay on the pitch.

She disclosed that her obsession with the footballer made her buy calendar which has his pictures on it, and several other things.

Despite her ageing, she is still smitten with him.

“Story of my life

I remember when I was small, Na to marry white man dey hungry me that time. I used to pray to get married to Oyinbo one day.
I can never forget when I gained admission into secondary school. If I see any white man for Yoruba film na to dey pray make I meet him in real life.
My two brothers are lovers of FOOTBALL. One na Chelsea fan, the other one na Man U fan. Naso I see Cr7 that faithful day Baba wear no7 dey play ball.
Omoh, my body shake, the thing sweet me for body…. Make I no lie, Na LOVE at first sight. Baba straight fine con get swag. Emi omolomo wey don dey find Oyinbo for long just dey blush anyhow Naso I go gate after idi ape go buy Cronaldo calendar put for my small room that year… Na since that time I don dey crush on Baba. Naso I waited for long thinking I go meet my Crush one day. Ewo, tocnut the story short, EMI TI FI CR7 Portugio Le,Moto ba To Ekiti LoR.
I’m not growing any younger. The thing be say anytime I see my crush pic, the things dey sweet me for body
My huge crush Cr7″.

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