‘Let’s See If It Will Stand’ – James Brown Begs As Some Ladies Try To Verify Whether He Is A Male Or Female (VIDEO)

A number of women tried to find out about the gender of famous Nigerian crossdresser James Brown.

They were so curious to find out in the video making rounds online whether James Brown is who he claims he is, a lady or a man.

They dragged him on the floor attempting to take off his trousers to confirm whether he possess the male features. He cried out repeatedly that ‘I am a woman’ when one of the women tried to drag him into the room.

In protest he stated that he could sue them for what they were doing to him because it was sexual harassment.

Watch the video shared on Remedy blog below;

See how netizens reacted to the video;

rose_hair_more_ wrote; Until James don give one of una belle una go know

loveperkins22 had this to say: Help am help am Them dey carry am go where he nor know

blaqpreciou commented; This James Brown na real earth worm…. See how he is turning

keepgoing_justkeepgoing stated; If not for the yeye support homosexuals get from women ….the thing for no de popular … but when you wish them a James Brown kinda son …they say Godforbid

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