Laide Bakare’s 13-year-old daughter gifts her brother a Benz (photos)

Actress Laide Bakare has just announced that her 13-year-old daughter, Simi gifted her brother, a Benz for his birthday hours ago.

Sharing photos of the new whip, the single mum of three and controversial actress, Laide Bakare wrote on Instagram “From A 13 year old simi To her 9yr Brother DAMY, I’m Blessed indeed, Aliamdulilai for everything, LOVE lives in my house, i dont hunt for it anymore. Allah Be praised Always, youngest billionaire, no fake zone, multi landlady, everything organic”

In another post, she wrote “Money Truly stops Nonsense, my forthcoming Book launch is gonna surely impact your life positively{ how to make billions in 6 months) can’t to share with u simi is just 13, she just gifted her brother A Benz”

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