“JJC Skillz’s son needs help, check on him” – Nigerians cry out after his new video

Well-meaning Nigerians have cried for help for Benito, the controversial son of music producer, JJC Skillz following his appearance in a video he released last night where he made new allegations against his stepson, movie producer, Funke Akindele.

According to Benito who’s the first son of JJC Skillz, his father and Funke Akindele are no longer living together. They have also cheated on themselves on several occasions.

In his words: “They are not really together. They both cheat on each other, and they both had a fight. My dad is practically living somewhere else. I don’t even have any care for them no more. I can’t talk to them as a couple anymore. I can only say what I have seen. They are in an open relationship….Funke is a bad-tempered and rude person, she maltreats her staff and everyone that lives in her house”

Some Nigerians who noticed how he was twitching in the video after having smoked earlier, called to help for him on social media.

One Emmanuel wrote “Who else noticed the boy twitching? He’s not okay,.. they better take care of him. He needs help. Someone should check on him, he’s twitching”

One Iyalode wrote “Stop enabling this child!!! Somebody should collect his phone!! Heard you were expelled cause of a r@pe charge, na bear I hear. If that’s true, for someone who was charged with such heinous crime, you seem not to be sorry, if you no do am, you suppose dey mellow dey reason life… to each his own sha”

One Chioma wrote “True or not, I feel like someone who genuinely cares needs to check on him. He doesn’t sound like all is well. Yes, he is very likely looking for attention by doing this but there is something off about the way he’s talking. Someone should check on this boy. He’s on some cheap dr@gs”

A Blessing Effiong wrote “This is one of the reasons people don’t want to raise another man/woman’s child(ren). Would you have vomited all these if she was your biological mother? Also please remember to tell us the part where her money must have been spent on you and your siblings. Onibaje omo jati jati. It’s not your fault, it’s cause she welcomed you with open arms into her private life. You and your mother cannot bring down a shining star. You can only try”

One Aisha wrote “So you were planted in their home to act as surveillance on Funke…listen couples fight is a normal thing . we don’t need your journalism work since your mum didn’t teach you how to mind your business …omo irankiran. Stop letting your mum use you to express her bitterness”

One Adebankee wrote “If your dad didn’t marry her you will be irrelevant. Spoilt privileged child trying to tread on people’s hard work. So because she’s a celebrity she has no right to shout at employees misbehaving some people are just mad”

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