Jenifa’s Diary Star, Lota Chukwu Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday Today (Photos)

As she celebrates her 32nd birthday today, November 29, 2021, Nollywood actress Lota Chukwu has explained how she overcame her personal challenges. She wrote a letter to herself about how fantastic she could be, how she could handle her insecurities, battles, anxiety, and panic attacks like a pro while still being capable of working.

She continued to shout her praises on Instagram, where she shared some gorgeous photos to commemorate her birthday.

Lota rose to prominence after portraying the character of ‘Kiki’ in the iconic Nigerian TV series Jenifa’s Diary.

In her words;

Dear Lota,

You’re so amazing. There are not enough words with which I can tell you. You’ve been phenomenal! These last few months I’ve watched you handle your insecurities, your battles, your anxiety and panic attacks like a pro… and then get up and do a job for the first time and leave everyone asking “you’re sure it’s your first time?” You are so gaddem brilliant and smart and I rock with that. I still can’t believe how bloody awesome you are, it’s ridiculous… and it should be illegal.

You’re love, you’re light, you’re mistakes, you’re imperfections, you’re brilliance, you’re tenacity… well done.

Your sheer audacity to dream and be fucking amazing… well done. I know you don’t know how to take compliments but… WELL DONE. I don’t know anyone else who can wear your crown so graciously. I’m so fuvking proud of you and all you’ve accomplished in so short a time. You are relentless, and gentle and genuine and I’m utterly in awe of you.

I’m grateful for you and all you embody. For your stubbornness and Just the sheer will to thrive, not to simply survive.

I promise as always: I will remember the promises. We will be phenomenal or we will die trying and I’ll always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS bet on you.

Love, forever and always,
Lota. ❤️

PS: enjoy all I got you. You deserve so much more.

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