Iyabo Ojo excitedly countdowns to her 45th birthday

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo is excitedly counting down to her 45th birthday.

The single mother of two, took to her Instagram page to delight her millions of fans with her stunning photos.

Iyabo revealed that she is eagerly looking forward to all the life changing moments, her new age would bring.

Rhetorically speaking to herself, she queried why she feels younger every year.

“45 loading, looking forward to all the life changing moments….but why do I feel younger every year”.

Iyabo Ojo slams trolls

Few days back, Iyabo Ojo had laid curses on perceived fake accounts and trolls who drop hurtful comments on her Instagram page.

The single mom of two also dared the trolls to come out and face her physically, if they have the balls.

“I never knew there were so many cowards on this earth until social media was invented & fake accounts emerged. You’re a coward, yes you!!! a weakling & until you have the balls to face me in person lol I will forever be your worst nightmare I keep hiding in the closest troller where you belong while my success & happiness suffocate you forever.. Awon. Alaye baje…. Jobless numbskull,” she angrily wrote.

Iyabo Ojo clears the air on her relationship

The Yoruba actress had earlier cleared the air on the misconception of being romantically involved with a married Igbo man.

The beautiful actress cum businesswoman clarified this while responding to a fan’s inquiry about her new lover.

“My new man is not someone’s husband” Actress Iyabo Ojo replied to the curious fan who asked “hope he is not a married man

This came after Iyabo Ojo hinted that she’s in a new relationship.

Via her Instagram post, IyaboOjo credited her mystery lover for her glowing skin and happiness.

She stated that she has finally been captured by an Igbo man.

“Thanks, Obim for loving me so much & lifting my spirit…. Chai this Yoruba girl’s heart had finally been captured by an Igbo man,” she wrote.

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