It’s only my stomach I did surgery for, not my bum bum – Toyin Lawani

Popular Nigerian stylist Toyin Lawani, has lashed out at trolls for saying she got body enhancing surgery for her buttocks.

The influencer reacted to a post by a twitter blog who listed her as one of the celebrities who had got a BBL.

She stated that she’d never enhanced her butt and blasted the blogger for using her child’s picture as well.

She wrote on Twitter:

Hahahaha monkey, I have never done bbl in my entire life, go and get your facts right Oponu atole, even using my child’s pic in such nonsense, onishorire.

She further took to her Instagram to once again drag the blogger and twitter users in general, stating that she had only done liposuction for her stomach and nothing else.

She wrote:

Swipe and make sure you see last slide
See why I don’t go on Twitter often
Extremely mannerless,
Use lesss humans,
Senselessss, Empty,
Daftt paralyzed brains,
They are the ones that gives you the surgery you have never done in your life, abeg I’ve said this times without number, I have never done my butt and won’t even hide it when I do it,is it not my money or my body, I will be proud of it,
But my ass is all natural,
Yes lipo around my stomach,
Fine, I have always been open and educative about all my surgeries, both cosmetic and life threatening ones,
So people can learn from them,
It’s totally distasteful to put me on your rubbish list with my child by my side, that’s wrong on all levels, You can use my name for clouth all you want, as usual. I always ignore you lowlives, but it’s a no no for me when you use my kids
Y’all need to stop this bull,
It’s extremely annoying,
Especially when it’s lies,
So how you look 11 years ago, is how you will still look now tag you have grown, apoda
Just to sell a deadass blog,

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