Nigerian actress, Opeyemi Ayeola has spoken on a sick bed after she survived the effects of self medication. Actress Opeyemi Ayeola said that she did the video maybe it could help other people like her who do not read precautions and side effects of drugs before they use them.

She said that she accepts the fact that she is guilty because she never for once read the side effects and precautions of any drug. She said as long as her doctor gives her the drug to use and dosage, she said that was all.

Actress Opeyemi Ayeola said that she was on a movie set few days ago and she felt dizzy and unwell and many people suggested that she had malaria. She said that a friend of her recommended a drug for her which she bought on her way back home. She said that the drug was a 3-day medication.

She said that she used one the day before yesterday and one yesterday and she drove yesterday all the way from Ogun State which she lives to Ikorodu to work as usual not knowing that she was risking her life. She said that she risked herself, a lady who moves around with her and that of other road users because she was under the influence of wrong medication.

She said that she needed to visit the toilet while on a movie set and it was there she passed out. She said that she passed out on a bed and also passed out when she was rushed to a hospital.

She said that the wrong self medication almost cost her her life because she had typhoid but she used malaria drug instead.

Watch the video below;

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