INSECURITY: “All They Know How To Do Is To Condemn, No Action, Nothing”-Psquare Rudeboy Reacts

Ondo black Sunday; With reports of the massacre at St Francis Catholic Church in Owo being discussed by Nigerians on all social media platforms. Popular Psquare singer Rudeboy just allegedly posts a statement about the lack of inaction from our leaders parts as he says, “All they know how to do is to Condemn No action.

But many Nigerians like Rudeboy are also wondering how the Federal Government will react, because many of them wants the government to take action and bring this people to justice without saying much.

The faith of people in the country are waning as they believe the government cannot take care of them or keep them safe because if a Church can be attacked then definitely the fear of God doesn’t deter people from committing heinous crimes against fellow humans anymore.

But there is a possibility that perhaps the Government will do something about those who made this attack and show that they are still capable as actions speak louder than words.

So what do you have to say about Rudeboy’s words?

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