Nollywood actress, Lola Margret aka Bisola Alanu who was few years ago roped in a messy drug scandal that almost ruined her career has opened up on how she was betrayed by a friend she trusted.

In an interview with The Sun, says she was a victim of circumstances.

Hear her: ” My greatest regret ever was trusting a friend. But then, all that is in the past now, I am healed already. Honestly, I was just a victim of circumstances, and it took the grace of God for me to get out of it. I took time off social media for my sanity. People out there think they can judge based on hearsay, even when they know nothing about me. But it is what it is…. glory be to God. Handling scandals is not an easy thing. But when you did not do what you are accused of, you know how it feels… But it takes the grace of God to get out of it.”

When asked if she has the opportunity to change anything about yourself; what will that be, Lola Margret says, “It’s my height. But I’m grateful to God because I’m still taller than some people.”

Also expressing her view on sex for role in the movie industry, the light skinned Yoruba actress states, “Sex for role is a no-no for me. I actually didn’t fall under that condition. But it’s something that shouldn’t be happening.”

Margaret was arrested in 2018 after a huge amount of money was reportedly deposited in her account and she tried to withdraw it.

She was held in Atlanta, Georgia and was interrogated for crimes suspected to be money laundering.

She was later deported to Nigeria

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