I Look Like Someone Keke Jam”: Bobrisky Says Only iPhone 13 Can Snap Him, Warns Android Users to Avoid Him

Bobrisky has finally addressed claims that he doesn’t look as good as he poses to be, and by his post, it’s the phone people choose to take photos of him with.

The controversial figure in a post revealed he’s tired of seeing ugly versions of him taken by android users. Bob also issued a warning to anyone using phones lower than iPhone 13, he told them to stay away from him.

Despite how glamorous and fresh popular Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky looks in his photos and videos, there are several photos of him on the internet that say otherwise. The crossdresser then decided to address the issue as he warned people with low quality phone cameras.

Only iPhone 13 Bob in a post on his Instagram page expressed confusion over why he looks haggard and old when some people take photos of him on their phone.

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