I Fell in Love with a Nigerian Man & it Made Me Come to Nigeria from Russia -Fari Elysian (video)

Popular entertainer Fari Elysian recently shared the story of how she left Russia to visit Nigeria after falling in love. Fari revealed how she started making money from skit videos after moving to Nigeria during a recent interview on TVC.

You may recall Fari’s face from various skits across social media platforms. The female entertainer is well known for her comic roles and acting skills in Nigerian movies.

Narrating her story, Fari said, “I came to Nigeria because I fell in love with a Nigerian man. I will not mention the man’s name. The pandemic and a lockdown started around the time. However, I could not return to Russia for a long time due to this development, as I got stuck in Nigeria. I was a professional photographer before leaving Russia. I saw an opportunity in Nigeria’s skit making, and I enjoy the Nigerian culture. I enjoy speaking pidgin.”

Speaking further, she added, “People’s reactions to my first video encouraged me to make more videos. I later looked into making money through skit-making. I remember making my first N5000 in Port Harcourt through skit-making. I went on to make N10000 and other amounts.”

Watch the video below;

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