How Lagos Boy Used Charm On Me To Buy Shoe And Nails Instead Of Phone – Mr Macaroni

Popular Nigerian comedian, skit maker, and actor, Debo Adedayo well known as Mr Macaroni has recently narrated one of his horrible experiences in Lagos.

Speaking in a recent chat with Kemz Mama on Pulse Lagos Fun Fact, the comedian narrated how he was hypnotized in a Lagos market to buy shoe and nails instead of the phone which he planned to buy. He said the incident happened years ago when Blackberry was in vogue.

Mr. Macaroni revealed that he went to a Lagos market to buy a Blackberry but ended up meeting a guy who promised to take him to the phone store. On the way, the guy asked him to buy shoe before buying the phone. Mr. Macaroni was surprised at first but shockingly, he bought the shoe.

After buying the shoe, the guy asked him to buy nails that would help in holding the shoe in place so that it won’t spoil on time. Shockingly, Mr. Macaroni also bought the nails, forgetting that his main goal was to buy a phone.

He disclosed that the money he used to buy the nail was more than the money he used to buy the shoes. Shockingly, at the end of the day, Mr Macaroni did not buy the phone as he used most of the money to buy those and nails.

Mr. Macaroni feels that charm was used on him because he went back home with only shoes and nails without buying the phone.

In his words, “The guy sold about 15 nails to me and the amount of money I used to buy the nails is more than the amount of money I used to buy shoes. I think the guy used Jazz on me because I went home without buying a phone. More than 80 percent of the amount I am supposed to use to buy phone, I used it to buy shoes.”

Watch the video below;

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