He asked me to bleach for him and now he dumped me for a dark skin girl- Lady tears up after breakup (video)

A young woman is crying her eyes out in a new video shared on Instagram after the raw deal her boyfriend gave her. 

The unnamed lady in a series of expository text attached to the video shared, revealed that her man coaxed her into bleaching for him only to dump her later and go for a dark skin girl (the irony).

According to the lady, she also gave her school fees to him, yet all the sacrifices were not enough to make him stay with her.

Beyond that, she’s contemplating how to face her parents because she dropped out after failing to pay the school fees which she gave to her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, a young lady has suggested that she learned a lesson the hard way after her date gave her the exact amount of money she needed for transportation back to her house after their hangout.

Watch the video below;

According to the girl with handle @deshola55, she went on a date with a guy who gave her the exact amount that would transport her home, and against this background, she ceased having anything to do with him again.

She revealed that her transport home was N200 (¢3.00) and he gave her the exact amount without adding anything, so she rejected it.

In her words; ”I think the most embarrassing moment of my life was when a guy I went on a date with offered me the exact amount that will take me back home…,of course I rejected it For those wondering, the tfare was 200….and he legit gave me two hundred naira, like never again sir”

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