Femi Adebayo throws ‘success party’ to celebrate is movie ‘Ageshinkole (video)

Popular actor, Femi Adebayo, is obviously having a good year. His movie, ‘Agheshinkole’ has been doing very well in cinemas, currently grossing over N200m. Movie lovers have also applauded on the actor cum filmmaker for the effort he put into making the movie a remarkable one.

At an intimate dinner event attended by Adebayo’s father (Oga Bello), colleagues, and the bosses of some of the cinemas in the country, Femi noted that he was pleased at the rave reviews and accolades the movie had been garnering.

In an interview with Merrymakers, Adebayo stated that he did not think the movie would ‘blow up’ the way it did. He said, “I did not anticipate that it would this huge. However, right from the onset, I was very particular about getting it right. I thought the Yoruba culture was going into extinction, so I wanted to do a project that would bring it back to life. I also wanted to do it in a way that it would be appreciated worldwide.”

“Our indigenous stories are better appreciated than contemporary stories. It is an opportunity to learn more about our culture and people have shown that they are ready for more of it.”

Sharing the video on Instagram Femi wrote;

Amazing moments from #KingOfThievesMovie Success Party

The actor also stated that the success of the movie had proved that Yoruba movies can do well globally. He said, “One of the reasons some filmmakers don’t make Yoruba films is because of the perceived limited audience. However, a film like this has proved those things wrong.

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